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Why MindMax for your child ?

MindMax focuses on your child’s academic success.

Proven Success of MindMax Students in Exams.

Our student success speaks for itself.
MindMax is dedicated in improving student grades at school.
MindMax have a strong reputation for producing outstanding results every year in Selective School Exams (Suzanne Cory, Melbourne High, Mac Rob High and Werribee SELP), Grammar School Scholarships, Naplan Exams and amazing VCE results.

Problem Solving and Reasoning Based Learning

“If I had an hour to solve a problem I’d spend 55 minutes thinking about the problem and five minutes thinking about solutions.” -Albert Einstein
Einstein believed the quality of the solution you generate is in direct proportion to your ability to identify the problem you hope to solve.
MindMax English lessons cover Verbal Reasoning, Grammar, Vocabulary, Reading Comprehension and writing skills. Australian Mathematics curriculum is taught in the Singapore style of problem solving. Problem solving, not computational and procedural learning, is the foundation of Singapore Mathematics.

Traditional Classroom and E-learning Technology

Traditional face to face classroom learning with a teacher is further extended by structured work books. Group discussions and classroom activities promotes collaborative learning. The MindMax E-learning platform supports students with online learning. Our Term exams and revision lessons prepare students to face real exams with confidence. Parents have continuous visibility to student exam results. MindMax have a strict teacher to student ratio policy.

Individualised Support to improve student confidence.

We believe no matter how advanced technology is, human connection is important to encourage students and build interest in learning subjects.
We challenge and encourage kids and never let our students give up their confidence. Each student has a dedicated teacher in charge. Parents regularly communicate with this dedicated teacher to discuss student improvement. MindMax organises parent teacher interviews every semester..Our teachers continue to motivate students with activities and have one to one discussions with them.


MINDMAX TUTORING offer exceptional courses in all key subject areas including Mathematics, Creative Writing, Persuasive Writing, English Grammar, Verbal Reasoning, Numerical Reasoning and Science.


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